Screen resolution and monitor size are huge components to work-flow efficiency. It wasn’t that long ago where the common monitor was just 15″ or 17″ at a resolution of 1024×768. In those days, applications were typically ran full-screen and maximized; you see this concept extended to mobile devices today too. However, wide-screen 20″+ displays running at 1680×1050 or 1920×1200 are becoming the new standard and therefore the idea of running an application full-screen typically doesn’t cross our minds.

Modern operating systems have introduced features and functionality within their windowing system to aid in efficient manipulation of open applications. For example, Windows Aero allows you to slide a window to either side of the display and have the application automatically resize to take up half the screen. With a few flicks of the mouse you now have two applications running side by side – a huge productivity boom if you are using two programs in tandem to accomplish one goal.

As more and more traditional applications make their way to the web, the concept of the split-screening of applications continues; only this time with two browser windows. Workable, sure, but a more elegant solution exists for this circumstance.

Tile View is a Firefox extension that tiles open tabs so that multiple websites can be viewed at the same time, within the same tab. Why use this approach over something like Aero? Tile View is extremely simple – the entire effect is initiated with one click. There is no need to open a second browser, load the desired site, and then drag each window to either side of the display. One click.

Once installed you will need to add the Tile View button to Firefox by right-clicking on the toolbar and choosing Customize. Then drag and drop the Tile View button onto the toolbar.

With browser tabs already opened initiate Tile View via the button. If Firefox isn’t already maximized you can use the keyboard shortcut Win Key + Up Arrow.

Download Tile View for Firefox