Spellcheck is quite the modern godsend, isn’t it? As much as we all want to proclaim that technology is making us lazy and dumb, very few would be willing to forgo any of the luxuries it affords. Yes, it’s important to understand the underlying concepts, in this case – how to spell, when it is all said and done spellcheck affords efficiency.

While spellcheck has its roots tightly bound to word processors such as Microsoft Word, the feature has logically crossed over to other applications such as web browsers or email clients. We’ve all seen the red squiggly line underneath our errors – a handy visual cue to errors or typos. Spellcheck has even evolved to auto-correct some of the most common spelling errors in modern prose, at least in products like Word. Auto-correct errors tend to be more in-line with honest mistyping rather than outright bad spelling, but the point remains it’s highly useful. Users have smartphones such as iPhone and Android have experienced daily the power behind auto-correct.

ezAutoCorrect for Gmail is a Chrome extension that introduces the auto-correct concept in Gmail. While Gmail has the capability of spellcheck natively, it merely highlights the offending word. This works well enough for some of the more challenging words to spell but it quickly bogs down with the multitude of fat-finger errors on words like: teh, freind, taht, doesnt, etc.

Without any further customization, ezAutoCorrect will self-correct the above phrase as it is typed.

Many of the most common typos or spelling errors are included within the default configuration but if you find yourself needing to customize the list further you can do so within the extensions Options under Chrome’s Tools->Extensions menu item.

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