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Have Firefox launch quicker by loading tabs on first access

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  Now that the folks at Mozilla have adopted the Chrome mantra of release early, release often, the fanfare around major version releases has greatly subsided. Recently, Firefox reach the 8.0 release but outside of a prompt by your browser to update to the new release you’d be hard pressed to notice any changes unless you really dug in deep. While Firefox has slowly improved over the years, it’s still a big sluggish to get up and going at launch. The problem is further exacerbated when you have the preference set to reload all the … Continue Reading

Using and managing Wake-on-Lan for an entire subnet

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  Wake On LAN or WOL is an ethernet networking standard that allows for a remote computer to be woken up by a specially crafted network message or packet. It wasn’t long ago that the implementation and support of the feature by various BIOS and motherboard manufacturers was quite sketchy; like the time when Sleep and Hibernate functions of Windows would flake-out or crash the operating system when attempted. Over time, these problems were rectified, both on Sleep and WOL, as these types of things typically are. Wake On LAN is infinitely helpful for system administrators … Continue Reading

Configure Gmail in Google Chrome to auto-correct spelling errors

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  Spellcheck is quite the modern godsend, isn’t it? As much as we all want to proclaim that technology is making us lazy and dumb, very few would be willing to forgo any of the luxuries it affords. Yes, it’s important to understand the underlying concepts, in this case – how to spell, when it is all said and done spellcheck affords efficiency. While spellcheck has its roots tightly bound to word processors such as Microsoft Word, the feature has logically crossed over to other applications such as web browsers or email clients. We’ve all … Continue Reading

Adding the HTTP display back into the Firefox address bar

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  Like Google Chrome, Mozilla has recently made a stylistic change to the way website URLs are displayed in the address bar. If you were paying attention or otherwise around in the web’s infancy you probably recall a time where web addresses were literally verbalized as h t t p colon slash slash. It wasn’t too long before the web protocol of http:// was redundant in conversation and web browsing – individuals or browsers knew the intent and therefore the preceded text on web addresses became unnecessary. However, true to its roots, web browsers continued … Continue Reading

Reset a forgotten Windows password without reinstalling

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It happens – whether you go to use a computer that has been dormant for months or you suffer from a momentary bout of amnesia, forgetting passwords is inevitable. Normally most accounts have a built-in means of password recovery, especially if you remember your username or email address. However, Windows isn’t nearly as developed in this regards. Sure, there exists a password hint option but what do you do if that isn’t enough to jar you fragile memory? It’s actually possible to reset a Windows password with nothing more than your Windows installation disk and … Continue Reading

Flushing a stuck printer queue in one fell swoop

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While most of us aren’t printing documents nearly as much today as we did even a year ago, printing a hardcopy of a document is still vital in many circumstances. If you’ve worked with printers long enough you understand what a pain they can become for no apparent reason. Outside of the physical problems that can occur like paper jams, software problems can also cause grief. Nothing is more frustrating than a stuck printer queue where one print job gunks up the entire printing process. A stuck job in the queue will typically cause the … Continue Reading

Wrapping your mouse cursor around the screen in Windows

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Regular visitors to the site know that I’m highly keen to improving my day-to-day efficiencies in life, particularly when it comes to my use of technology. Seconds turn into minutes and minutes turn into extra tasks being completed by the time the day is through. Consequently, I’m always on the look-out for any piece of software that can improve upon my current level of efficiency. Edgeless 2 is a free Windows utility that removes the boundaries, or edges, of your computing desktop. When running, Edgeless allows for the mouse cursor to wrap around the screen, … Continue Reading

Adjusting the replay and skip intervals in Media Center

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If you are an active user of Windows 7 Media Center to consume your media content this next configuration option may be of interest. As you know, the skip button will progress through your video in 29 second chunks. If you’ve overshot your destination while skipping commercials, the replay button will rewind by 7 seconds, which generally puts you in the proper place. Generally these defaults are suitable for most users but if you are interested in a bit more adjustment of the intervals it’s very possible by digging into the Registry. Dive into the … Continue Reading

Show the readability statistics of your document in Word

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One of the first rules in writing is know your audience! Any time you sit down to compose the next great literature piece you must ask yourself who the audience is or how do they think and listen, for example. The more you can narrow your audience the more your piece can relate to them. Some important characteristics to know of your audience may be their age or education level – both of which can greatly affect the words or sentence structured used as you articulate your thoughts to the paper or screen. While your … Continue Reading

Clearing Windows Recent Items history at automatic intervals

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The Recent Document History panel off the Windows Start Menu is a highly convenient method to access documents and files that you’ve been working with lately. As a document is opened, saved, or otherwise accessed, Windows creates shortcuts to the file so that future use may resort to a few fewer clicks in the application. Unfortunately, as is often the case, convenience and ease of use isn’t without its drawbacks. It’s not hard to see the inherent privacy concerns that the Recent Documents unearths. It’s obviously not a good thing if your significant other sees … Continue Reading

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