If you have multiple printers on your network or even connected physically to your computer – they likely all exist for a reason. Each printer is better suited for a specific role within your environment. Perhaps all your documents are directed to the black and white laser while all your photography logically goes to your high end color printer, or printing labels and envelopes is the responsibility of your handy desktop ink jet. If this setup sounds familiar you likely can relate to having to switch your printer from A to B or C on a job by job basis. At best, it’s simply an extra step in a process; at worst it’s a waste of resources as you will invariably send a job to the wrong printer, requiring a reprint as a result.

Enter Automatic Printer Switcher, a handy piece of software that can map printers on an application by application basis.

Upon launch APS will scan and assemble a list of currently running applications. Unfortunately the software has trouble distinguishing between user and system initiated applications; meaning you will see Firefox but also applications such as iTunesHelper - one you would logically print from and the other makes little sense. However, the result is merely a slightly cluttered listing and a bit more visual work in locating applications you care about.

Locate the application you wish to set a default printer for, right-click on it and select edit mapping.

From the dialog find the printer you wish to map the application to and click OK.

Your application listing will now reflect which printer the application will default to!

Once all your mappings are finished, Automatic Printer Switcher will sit silently in the tray and ensure everything functions as expected. APS requires the .Net 2.0 framework and was tested under Windows Vista, where it utilized approximately 10MB of RAM while performing it’s functions; relatively minor considering the ability to simply click Print in any mapped application and know the job is sent to the correct destination.

Download Automatic Printer Switcher